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Movers come to you, pick up your items & return them on demand.

How Full-service Storage Works

Full-service storage is a convenient and affordable way to store your belongings. A typical full-service storage company will pick up, store, and return or deliver your items on demand. It's an ideal solution for both temporary and long-term storage needs.

All you have to do is pack up your stuff at home. The full-service storage company will take care of everything else, from bringing the moving truck to you and loading it up, to transporting your belongings to a secure storage facility. It's easy and cost-efficient, plus you never have to leave your home to store or retrieve your stuff.

You may also hear full-service storage referred to as "storage with front door pickup", "on-demand storage", or "valet storage." These are all the same thing!

How Full-service Storage is Different From Traditional Self-storage

With traditional self-storage, you end up taking care of everything yourself. This may include renting a moving truck, hiring moving help, transporting your items to the storage facility, and packing your items in the storage unit. It takes time and money, and can often be a hassle for you and your wallet.

View and Manage Our Stored Items Online

With full-service storage, you'll always be able to keep track of the things you're storing with an online account - no matter where you are. Here's how it works:

  1. Your full-service storage team of professional movers will meet you at your door with a moving truck.
  2. They'll barcode and scan each item before loading everything up and transporting it to a secure storage facility.
  3. Your stored items will be catalogued in your online account. Think of it as a virtual "storage unit." You'll be able to view your stored items online, request items back or add more storage space.

For security reasons, most full-service storage facilities are closed to the public, so you won't be able to visit your storage unit. That's the nifty part about full-service storage: it means you never have to visit a storage facility again!