Multi-instrumentalist Dave Gironda, Jr. (pictured on right) recently moved to Austin, but speaks fondly of his hometown Phoenix, Arizona. Phoenix’s relatively unsung music scene is the birthplace of Dave’s band, The Whisperlights, whose fluctuating membership ensures the music is always evolving.

Current members are scattered across the globe, but The Whisperlights recently met up in Los Angeles to perform and write music. Their influences range from ska bands like Streetlight Manifesto and the Mad Caddies, to classics like The Birds and The Kinks. Dave particularly gushed over a local Austin band, BOY.

Music space
Dave said he plans to form a solo project within Austin’s vibrant musical atmosphere. For him, finding a storage unit was an integral step in this process.

Using self-storage for band practice has been Dave’s preference since before he left Phoenix. In addition to being “mega cheap,” Dave said he prefers a quality self-storage facility that caters to bands over traditional music studios because of security. “In music studios, there are people moving in and out with music equipment all the time,” Dave explained.

Dave’s criteria for a good practice space is simple: 24-hour access during which a band can play as loudly as it likes, a good security system,  and climate control. For musicians new to self-storage band practice, Dave recommends being transparent with your intentions. “Let them know up front you’re in a band,” Dave said. The more information you can give a self-storage manager, the better equipped they will be to accommodate you.

Sewing space
Dave shares his unit with friend and roommate Nolen Tabner, who has found his trade in sewing. From hats to adorable plush figurines from the Bubble Bobble arcade game, Nolen has long been crafting sewn works for friends by request. He takes his business to an annual electronic music show in Phoenix, where his creations make a killing.

Nolen said a storage unit became the logical choice for a sewing studio when he realized he’d run out of room in his house. “I just needed more room,” Nolen said, “I had a six-foot table, which was an eyesore, so I didn’t want to keep it at home.” While he enjoys making stuffed dogs and squids by request, Nolen has bigger plans in place. He recently purchased a new sewing machine, and has a business plan that he intends to have up and running by the end of this year.

Look out for more music and performances by The Whisperlights, and check out their album and EP on Bandcamp. Do you know musicians or artists who use self-storage creatively? Let us know in the comments or drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter.

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